For new car owners, the concept of car transport services may seem counter-intuitive. After all, why do you need a third party transport service for something that is designed to travel long distances on its own? But the truth is that a car transport company like Almighty Towing provide much-needed service for a number of perfectly valid use cases, such as:

Transporting a Newly-Purchased Car to its Owners

If a car has been sold to new owners, they can technically just drive the car back to their home. But there are cases, such as in exotic cars or extremely expensive cars where the dealer and buyer wants to preserve the state of the car, or don’t want to risk any unnecessary damage or wear. A car transport service is the perfect solution.

Transporting Exotic Cars to Trade Shows

One of the most common reasons people hire car transport companies is to take their exotic vehicles to trade shows. The reason for this is simple – they want to make sure no harm comes to the exotic car, after all it’s for presentation and not for simple driving. A professional car transport company like Almighty Towing can make sure the car arrives in the venue in exactly the same state it left the owner’s house.

Moving Your Vehicle from One Location to Another

Another very common reason for hiring a car transport company is when moving your vehicle from one location to another. For example, if you’re moving into a new apartment complex, you’ll probably have to move your vehicle out of the parking lot and onto the road. This requires special care because the car needs to be moved carefully so as to avoid damaging it. And since most apartments won’t allow you to park your car in their driveway, you’ll need to find somewhere else to park it while you’re moving.

Last But Not the Least, Car Breakdown

When you’ve got an emergency situation with your car, you’ll usually call a tow truck to come get it. However, sometimes these things happen at inconvenient times, and by the time you get your car towed, it could already be damaged beyond repair. If you’ve got a broken down car, you can always contact a car transport company to help you out. These guys will come pick up your vehicle and take it to a safe place until you can get it repaired.

So whether you’re looking for a car transport service for yourself, or someone else, look no further than Almighty Towing. We offer affordable rates, excellent customer service, and we guarantee our work. Contact us today!