A lot of people own exotic cars such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Bentley and so on. However, the transportation of these exotic cars is a challenge. Cars in general are fairly expensive. Great care should be taken when transporting them as any cosmetic or internal damage caused by improper towing could result in expensive repairs. This gets more serious if we are talking about exotic cars, because their repairs are significantly more expensive due to the rarity of parts and their dependence on aesthetics as a store of value.

This is where La Quinta Almighty Towing comes in. We are a company that specializes in the handling and transportation services of classic cars, antique vehicles, and exotic automobiles. We have years of experience transporting exotic cars for some of the most prestigious car shows in the La Quinta area. There are a number of reasons why you should add our number to your speed dial:

1. Fast Response. Time is always of the essence, and when it comes to car shows, can be worth a lot of money. So you don’t want to waste a lot of time on roadside service assistance from unqualified companies. With La Quinta Almighty Towing, you can be more efficient with your time because we will arrive exactly when you need our help.

2. Utmost Care for Your Car. The smallest of scratches and dents in an exotic car can be ruinous. You can be rest assured that we have the equipment, the manpower, the skill, and experience to transport your valuable vehicle without any damage.

3. Licensed. We are a premium towing company with appropriate licensing and training. We want our customers to feel assured that their car is properly taken care of and will arrive in the destination in the same state they left. 

4. Customer-centric. At La Quinta Almighty Towing, we put the customer first. We are dedicated to your satisfaction and do our best to make sure that you will receive top quality service at a fair price. Our motto is “We take pride in our work, we do it right the first time.” 5. Friendly, Professional Staff. At La Quinta Almighty Towing, we have friendly and professional staff who will be there for you every step of the way.

So don’t risk your valuable exotic car at the hands of inexperienced, unlicensed roadside assistance companies out there. You might think it’s more convenient to just call the first tow company you come across or that you’re saving a little bit of money by choosing an unlicensed roadside assistance provider out there, but you have consider the costly repairs and even more headache if your exotic car is mishandled. 

Instead, you should go with a leading provider of towing services like us. La Quinta Almighty Towing is known for its exceptional customer service and high-quality vehicles. We are dedicated to providing the best service to clients. Our highly trained, licensed, insured drivers are skilled at handling any type of vehicle. We also offer flatbed trucking and trailer rental services. Call us today at (442) 400-0899!