Towing trucks isn’t something you see every day. How does it work exactly? What kind of equipment do you need? And how much would it cost?

Towing trucks are heavy duty vehicles designed to pull other vehicles or trailers. They come in various sizes and weights ranging from light utility vehicles to large semi-trailers.

A tow truck is essentially a tractor trailer pulled behind a car. The driver uses his/her vehicle’s brakes to slow down and then releases the emergency brake. This allows the tow truck to move forward at a controlled speed. Once the tow truck reaches its destination, the driver turns off the engine and lets go of the emergency brake. Then he/she drives away.

A tow truck can be used for many different purposes. It can be rented out by companies that specialize in moving goods around. Or it can be hired out by individuals who want to transport their own cars or other vehicles.

The first thing you should know about towing trucks is that they have two types of tow hooks:

1) Tow Hooks – These are generally located on the front bumper of the tow truck. They are usually made of steel and are attached using bolts. A tow hook is what connects your towed vehicle to the tow truck.

2) Trailer Hitch – This type of hitch is located on the back of the tow truck. It attaches to the rear of the towed vehicle. There are three main types of hitches:

• Ball Type Hitch – This is the most common type of hitch. It has a ball that fits into the receiver hole of the towed vehicle.

• Receiver Mounted Hitch – This is similar to the ball type hitch but instead of having a ball on the end, there is a metal plate that sits inside the receiver hole of the vehicle.

• Pin Type Hitch – This type of tow hitch is also called an “eye bolt” hitch. It consists of a pin that goes through the eye of the receiver hole and into the receiver tube of the towed vehicle. It is very strong and reliable.

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